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How Does It Work?
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Subliminal Visualizer Runs on any version of Windows

Increase Your Health and Stop smoking

Lose Weight

Quit Shyness, Be more Aggressive

Learning To Love Yourself

Reduce your Stress Levels

It is truely amazing what the mind can do.

I Don't Care If You Are The Most
Hopeless Failure Who Ever Lived...
This Program Will Change Even You

You Will Absolutely Love This Program.

Subliminal Software That Works!!

Why are Subliminal Messages BANNED from Television? Because They WORK!!

How It Works

So your on your computer for at least a few minuites a day well why not put that time to work for you. Our software runs quietly in the background flashing subliminal messages of your choosing on your computer screen. The computer will also speak your messages. It has a built in mp3 player letting you hide your subliminal messages in music giveing you the most powerful subliminal experiance possible.You wont even notice it happening and best of all your subconcious mind will! The Subliminal Visualizer is an easy to use program that lets you choose 1 or more message lists to be displayed on your screen and spoken by your computer. You can set the flash speed, message interval speed, message size and message color to be displayed. It comes with over 300 built in messages that you can edit you can even make your own! Once you start the program minimize it and go about your business as usual and forget its even running.

The Subliminal Visualizer has changed lives and can change yours too!

If you have any questions about our revolutionary product feel free to email us at support@subliminalvisualizer.com







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